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Past Speakers

Each year AcademyWomen hosts an annual leadership symposium and other regional events to provide members the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues and to grow professionally and personally through keynote messages and panel discussions. Our speakers are the rising stars and distinguished leaders from the public and private sectors who offer their support, personal advice and motivation to our members. (Names are listed alphabetically. Ranks and professional titles are current as of the the individuals' last speaking engagement.)
  • Nana Adae (USNA 1991)
    Lehman Brothers' Investment Management Division
  • Stephanie Ahern (USMA 1995)
    Major US Army
  • Marene Allison (USMA 1980)
    Chief Security Officer, Medco
  • Laura Anderson (USMMA 2007)
    Midshipman, United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • Jeanette McMahon Angresano (USMA 1983)
    Colonel US Army
  • Susan Avila-Smith
    President and Founder of Women Organizing Women (WOW)
  • Jessica Azar (USCGA 2007)
    Cadet United States Coast Guard Academy
  • Barbara Barrett
    US Ambassador to the Republic of Finland; Corporate Board of Raytheon, Trustee of the Aerospace Corporation, Former Deputy Administrator of the FAA
  • Elisa M. T. Basnight (USMA 1991)
    Attorney Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, President & Founder Girls Action Network
  • Dr. Nora Bensahel
    Senior Political Scientist, RAND Corporation
  • Susan Bibeau (USCGA 1980)
    Captain USCG, Director of Admissions United States Coast Guard Academy
  • Feyi Boroffice
    Co-Founder and President of 2Hats Network
  • Dana Born (USAFA 1980)
    Brigadier General USAF, First Woman Dean of Faculty at the United States Air Force Academy
  • Sandy Schubert Brock
    President SMD, Advisory Board Member, the National Air & Space Administration, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Heidi Brockmann (USMA 2001)
    Captain US Army
  • Dr. Summer Burtezak (USAFA)
    Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force
  • Kim Campbell (USAFA 1997)
    Captain US Air Force
  • Abbey Carter (USMA 2009)
    Cadet, United States Military Academy, Author: Athena Speaks
  • Polly E. Chávez
    Artist and Historian of Camp Capitan, New Mexico
  • Pat Cole (USNA)
    Captain US Navy
  • Doug Crandall (USMA 1995)
    Major, US Army
  • Dr. Mary Cummings (USNA 1988)
    Former Naval Fighter Pilot and MIT Professor
  • Jill Amann DiLosa
    Private Investor; Self-Made Millionaire and Retiree by Age 27
  • Diedre Dixon (USMA)
    Lieutenant Colonel US Army
  • Susan Feland (USAFA 1993)
    President and Founder AcademyWomen
  • Deborah L. Frett
    CEO Business and Professional Women/USA and Business and Professional Women’s Foundation
  • Evelyn "Pat" Foote
    Brigadier General (Retired) US Army; President, Alliance for National Defense
  • Lisa Ann Fowler
    Ph.D, Assistant Research Professor at George Mason University
  • Terry Gabreski (OTS 1974)
    Lieutenant General US Air Force
  • Tracy Garrett (NROTC 1978)
    Brigadier General US Marine Corps
  • Christine Gayagas (USMA 1984)
    Colonel (Retired) US Army
  • Stefanie Goebel (USNA, 1980)
    eMentor Ledaership Program Director, AcademyWomen
  • Kristin Goodwin (USAFA 1993)
    Major US Air Force, 1st Woman to Pilot the B-2 Stealth Bomber
  • Linda Gold
    CEO M3iworks
  • Rebecca Halstead (USMA 1981)
    Brigadier General US Army; First Female Academy Graduate Promoted to General Officer Rank
  • G.L.A. Harris, Ph.D (OCS 1990)
    Assistant Professor and Director of Special Projects for the Department of Preventative Medicine and Biometrics at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)
  • Janet Hanson, Founder 85 Broads
    Founder Milestone Capital Management , Author 85 Broads and More Than 85 Broads
  • Lani Hay (USNA 1997)
    President & CEO Lanmark Tehnology, Inc.
  • Patricia M. Hayes
    Ph.D, Acting Chief Consultant of the Women Veterans Health Strategic Healthcare Group
  • Allison Hickey (USAFA 1980)
    Brigadier General (Retired) US Air Force
  • Nicola Carmen Hill (USAFA 2004)
    First Lieutenant, US Air Force
  • Michelle Howard (USNA 1982)
    Rear Admiral US Navy, 1st African American Woman to Command a Ship in the U.S. Navy, 1st Woman Flag Officer from the United States Naval Academy
  • Marjorie James
    Diversity Manager, Volt Technical Services
  • Laura Johnson
    Major US Air Force
  • Michelle Johnson (USAFA 1981)
    Brigadier General US Air Force
  • Rita Jordan (ROTC 1974)
    Colonel US Air Force, Permanent Professor and Management Department Head, United States Air Force Academy
  • Judith Keene (USCGA 1981)
    Captain, US Coast Guard
  • Claudia Kennedy
    Lieutenant General (Retired) US Army, First Woman in the Army to Achieve the Rank of Three-Star General
  • Rachel Kimerling
    Ph.D, Acting Deputy Director of the National Center for PTSD and the Director for Monitoring, Military Sexual Trauma Support Team, Palo Alto Healthcare System
  • Kate Ward Kohler (USMA 1996)
    Investment Representative, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Group
  • Martha LaGuardia-Kotite (USCGA 1989)
    Commander US Coast Guard Reserve, Author: So Others May Live - Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers: Saving Lives, Defying Death
  • Tara Krause (USMA 1982)
    Visual Artist and Filmmaker
  • Cynthia Lindenmeyer (USMA 1990)
    First Regimental Chaplain, United States Corps of Cadets
  • Abby M. Locke
    Founder and President of Premier Writing Solutions
  • Nicole Malachowski (USAFA, 1996)
    Major, US Air Force, 1st Female Thunderbird Pilot; 2008 Women's Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee; 2008-2009 White House Fellows
  • Linda Malczewski (USMA 1985)
    Site Plant Engineer, Procter & Gamble
  • Lory Manning
    Captain (Retired), US Navy, Director, Women in the Military Project and Hire-A-Vet Program for the Women's Research and Education Institute
  • Andrea Marcille (USCGA 1989)
    Commander US Coast Guard
  • Amy Marcotte (ROTC 1990)
    Team Leader at the Sanford Vet Center
  • Amy Markert (USAFA 1981)
    Product Sales Specialist for Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Catherine Masar (USNA 1989)
    Commander, US Navy
  • Odessa Maxwell (USMA 1994)
    Poet and Author
  • Donna McAleer (USMA 1987)
    Vice President Enterprise Implementation and Customer Services, Transparient Inc.
  • Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland
    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs under the Reagan Administration, Speechwriter and Assistant to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger
  • Susan McCutcheon
    Ph.D, Director of Family Services, Women’s Mental Health and Military Sexual Trauma at the Veterans Health Administration
  • Bonnie Miranda
    Assistant Director, Veterans Services Staff Compensation and Pension Service at the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Diane K. Morales
    Former Undersecretary of Logistics and Material Readiness
  • Laurie Mosier (USCGA 1986)
    Commander US Coast Guard
  • Betty Moseley-Brown
    Ph.D, Associate Director for the Department of Veterans Affairs' Center for Women Veterans
  • Donna Musil
    Independent Filmmaker, Director & Producer, Brats Our Journey Home
  • Carol Mutter
    Lieutenant General (Retired), US Marine Corps, First Woman to Achieve the Rank of Three Star General in the Marines
  • Alea Nadeem (AFROTC 2008)
    Cadet, University of New Mexico's AFROTC
  • Yolande Nanayakkara
    Director of Membership and Educational Program Management for Business and Professional Women/USA (BPW/USA)
  • Lisa Nitze
    Vice President of Global Entrepreneur-to- Entrepreneur Program for the Ashoka Company
  • Dr. Janne Nolan
    Former State Department National Security Officer, Professor & Deputy Director Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Studies at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Lisa M. Nowak (USNA 1985)
    Captain US Navy, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Elexa Orrange (USMA 1990)
    12 time NCAA All-American in track and field; 3rd place finalist in the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials
  • Sheila Patterson
    Captain US Navy
  • Julia Pfaff
    Director, National Military Family Association
  • George Randle (ROTC)
    Manager and creator of the Junior Military Officer (JMO) Recruiting Program for BearingPoint
  • Jana L. Reed
    Former Director of Talent and Partnerships for Commongood Careers
  • Christina Rejent (USNA 2008)
    Midshipman, United States Naval Academy
  • Rebecca Shambaugh
    President & CEO, Shambaugh
  • Kathy Shanebrook (USNA 1980)
    Captain US Navy, Director, Math and Science Division at the United States Naval Academy
  • Jolynn Shoemaker
    Executive Director, Women in International Security
  • Tessa Snodgrass (USMA 1999)
    Captain, US Army
  • Natalie J. Stewart-Smith (WAC 1971)
    Faculty, New Mexico Military Institute
  • Celia Szelwach (USMA 1990)
    CEO, Creative Collaborations Consulting
  • Constance Taylor (ROTC 1976)
    Colonel US Air Force, Director, Reserve Affairs, Headquarters Air Force Office of Special Investigations
  • Francis X. Taylor (ROTC 1970)
    Brigadier General (Retired) US Air Force, Chief Security Officer, General Electric
  • Janet Therianos (USAFA 1980)
    Brigadier General US Air Force, 1st Woman Flag Officer from the United States Air Force Academy
  • Irene Trowell-Harris
    Major General (Retired) US Air Force, Director of the Center for Women's Veterans, 1st African-American General in the Air Force National Guard, 1st Air National Guard Nurse to Command a Medical Clinic
  • Kristin Uchimura (USAFA 1993)
    Major US Air Force
  • Wilma Vaught
    Brigadier General (Retired) US Air Force, President of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation
  • Mary Walker
    General Counsel of the Air Force and Chief Legal Officer of the Department of the Air Force
  • Heather Wilson (USAFA 1982)
    Congresswoman, 1st Congressional District, NM
  • Darcy Wolfe (USNA 1992)
    Lieutenant Commander US Naval Reserve
  • Dr. Judith Youngman
    Professor of Political Science United States Coast Guard Academy, Former chair of DACOWITS, First American member of the Development Committee of the Business-Industry Advisory Council to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Globalization, Military Manpower Policy and Civil-Military Relations Expert

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