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For every gift given 94% directly funds programs for current and former military women. Your donation matters. Donate today.
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Welcome to AcademyWomen! U.S. Coast Guard, Library of Congress and the National Archives.

Inspiring, Supporting and Empowering

AcademyWomen membership and program participants enjoy state-of-the-art, online mentoring, networking opportunities, access to leaders in their field, and professional development opportunities that they cannot access otherwise. All programs are run by members who passionately believe in the power of diversity and the value of a like-minded community intent on pursuing dreams in non-traditional fields as students and beyond.

Named for the founder’s realization that minorities, such as women at service academies, often have a hard time connecting for mentorship and asking for help through tough times, AcademyWomen now hosts a variety of programs that are focused on building and empowering communities – military women and veterans from all commissioning sources, transitioning military veterans, military spouse, as well as cadet and midshipmen women.

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